Al-Lulu Facilities

Our facility is fully equipped and promotes high standards of health and safety for the children.


Our Nursery operates an air-conditioned transport service to various parts of Sharjah. Transportation fee is paid in advance at the beginning of every term, along with the Tuition Fee.


Due to the responsibility of transporting children on the bus, we strictly adhere to the conditions set by the Roads and Transport Authority, Sharjah

  • Only children over two years of age will be transported by bus.
  • A female Bus Monitor will always be present on the bus with the children.
  • The Bus Monitor will make a courtesy call to parents when the bus is 5 minutes away from the designated stop.
  • Parents/carers must wait with their child at the allocated bus stop until the bus arrives.
  • A child will only be handed over to an adult known to the Bus Monitor. If there is a change of receiver, the Nursery MUST be advised before the bus embarks on its journey.
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Food and Nutrition

We place special emphasis on the health and nutrition of our children. We recommend Parents to provide a balanced diet to our little ones.. It is an important part of our programme to teach the children about where food comes from and the importance of eating healthily. We strictly follow a ‘NO JUNK’ policy at our premises.


We have a fully equipped clinic at our premises with a qualified nurse at all times.

We have a ‘Doctor on Call’ as we have tie up with a reputed clinic and a paediatrician visits twice a month.

Indoor Play area

Beyond the range of nursery activities we also offer, a multi-purpose hall to support a well-balanced programme of extra-curricular activities, to develop the potential of each child; to expose them to a wide variety of stimuli, to help them explore and demonstrate their own capabilities. These skill-based activities are closely linked with other aspects of learning and cognitive development, helping to boost a child’s confidence and improving their gross motor skills.


Our bright and spacious classrooms are very well equipped with toys and resources which have been specially chosen to promote learning and help children develop new skills at every stage in a stimulating environment.

Our classes are divided by age and children are placed in the class where we feel they will be best suited. We conduct regular assessments and reviews to determine when they are ready to move to the next learning stage. We have named our classes as Nemo, Frozen, Cinderella and Snow white.

Quote of the day
Always Remember: You Are Stronger Than You Seem, Braver Than You Believe, And smarter Than You Think.
-Christopher Robin
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Mar 05 - Mar 12
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  • Sharja , UAE